Toronto, Canada

Charity Events

Eat to the Beat-fn2012


Eat to the Beat is the Willow’s signature fundraising evening and is the only event in Canada featuring over 60 of the finest female chefs – all in the name of breast cancer support. Held annually at Roy Thompson Hall. It’s a fun filled event full of food, beer and wine tastings. Come join us there!


Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada (Willow), founded in 1994 by a group of inspiring women (including Sally Armstrong, June Callwood and Sharon Hampson, among others), is a national charitable organization with a mission to provide targeted information and confidential support to anyone affected by breast cancer.


For more info go to: www.eattothebeat.ca







FoodShare Toronto is cooking up a Recipe for Change: reminding children what food is and where it comes from, teaching that healthy food also tastes good, and helping them to choose it for themselves. After many years of mapping curriculum connections to food and the environment and creating innovative workshops, tools and resources for teachers and students in the Field to Table Schools program, FoodShare Toronto is taking this work to a new level, leading the charge to embed food education – along with healthy active lifestyles and environmental values – in the Ontario curriculum and make food literacy a requirement of graduation for our students.


Recipe for Change will take FoodShare’s vision for students to new heights: a healthy cafeteria in every school, and all students being taught to cook, garden and compost throughout all the subject areas.