Toronto, Canada

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All Natural, Fresh Ingredients


At Hall’s Kitchen we believe in healthy, handcrafted soups and stews that are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients of the highest quality and prepared without the use of chemicals, preservatives or additives. All of our soups and stews are vegan and are made without gluten, dairy, or yeast. They are GMO free and contain no trans fats.





Handcrafted Photo by HopeEach one of our soups is carefully made by hand, not machine, and is slow cooked in small batches using stainless steel soup kettles. Cooking by hand in small batches, though costly and time consuming, allows us to consistently maintain our standard for high quality food with exceptional flavour! We do not use pots or utensils made with aluminium, teflon or any plastic, non-stick coatings due to the potential health risks associated with them.




Locally Grown and Organic Ingredients


We strongly support the local food movement and use local ingredients whenever possible. Nearly all of the fresh vegetables we use in our products are supplied to us from local farmers here in Ontario as well as many of the other ingredients we use in our products. We also use many organic ingredients too in order to ensure that there are no genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) in any of our food products.



Environmentally Conscious

Mason Jar 

At Hall’s Kitchen the environment is of the utmost concern. We provide all of our vegetable scraps and compost to Eco Resource Management who then in turn delivers it to local Ontario farmers who use it to feed their animals and fertilize their fields. Our glass soup jars are re-usable and recyclable.