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Hall’s Kitchen 

By Emily Miles on May 26, 2014


When you’re sick and want nothing more then a hot bowl of soup, instead of reaching for that can of Campbells chicken noodle, I suggest reaching for your freshly packed bottle of Halls Kitchen organic soups.


Halls kitchen is a company run by Katherine Hall and Kitt Richie, together they have created a line of delicious jarred fresh vegan and gluten free soups that can be found in stores across Canada. “Fresh, healthy, handcrafted soups & stews prepared without the use of chemicals, preservatives or additives. Vegan. No gluten, dairy or yeast. GMO Free!” is their motto.


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Top 10 Company Profiles

Top 10 Company Profiles

Food In Canada Magazine Lists Hall’s Kitchen in Top 10


May 2013

By Food In Canada


Each year Food in Canada looks at 10 growing food and beverage businesses and their innovative products, packaging or technology. Here are our picks for 2013…


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Superb Soups


Posted April 2, 2013

By Yoyomama


Now that the chocolate eggs and other treats have dwindled (or have been hidden for “emergencies”, if you’re like us!), you may be craving something a tad more nutritious to cut the sugary fare. Hall’s Kitchen soups and stews are vegan, delish, and taste just like they were made in your own kitchen … without you lifting a finger.


Based in Toronto, Hall’s Kitchen’s soups and stews are the creations of Katherine Hall – a chef with over 25 years of experience, including seven years as Executive Chef with The Big Carrot. All the products are gourmet and handcrafted, meaning they’re made in small batches with only fresh, local, non-GMO, organic (wherever possible), and vegetarian ingredients. As an added bonus, they don’t use pots or utensils made with aluminum, Teflon or other non-stick coatings; the soups come in reusable and recyclable glass jars; and all the veggies in their soups come from local Ontario farmers. Plus, the vegetable scraps go back to the farmers, who use it to fertilize their fields and feed the animals.


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Spend Some Time in Hall’s Kitchen



Posted on Sept. 13, 2012

By Joel Hoffman & Alicia Smith


This week, the Eat to the Beat team welcomes you to Hall’s Kitchen! Executive Chef Katherine Hall has shared her recipe for Pear Chips with Stilton Mousse & Candied Walnuts with us. Sounds like a perfect appetizer for an upcoming dinner!


Chef Hall has been involved with Eat to the Beat for a number of years, and we are very excited to welcome her and her team back for 2012!


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Mama Ash Cooks!


Posted Feb 2, 2011

By Mama Ash Blogspot


You know those days when you just don’t feel like making your own soup?


Do you go to the grocers only to be a disappointed with the selection on boxed and canned(loaded with BPA’s mind you in the cans lining) soups. Not to mention other chemicals like MSG and then some.


As a mom sometimes I just want to grab something free of chemicals, quick and easy to make where I can just simmer and feed.


Yes, I normally do cook but sometimes when I am sick or so, who’s going to make soup for me? Halls Kitchen is. I love that they support local and organic farming, they use fresh vegetables that are free of chemicals and preservatives. The whole line is GMO free.


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Hall’s Kitchen Soups and Stews: All Killer, No Filler


Devilishly Delicious.


Posted by Kait Fowlie, CityBites Magazine.


Purveyor’s of slow food and experts in sustainability, the crew at Hall’s Kitchen make a mean puree.


After completing an apprenticeship in France and working at several major hotels, resorts and restaurants, Executive Chef Katherine Hall decided to devote her talent to cooking organic, vegetarian cuisine. She became Executive Chef at The Big Carrot, a role she occupied for 7 years before Hall’s kitchen was born. Now, all of her talent goes into the healthy and unique handcrafted soups and stews of her own line.


Hall’s Kitchen foods are all free of GMO’s, preservatives, gluten, dairy, yeast, and eggs, and use local organic ingredients as often as they can. Everything is slow cooked in small batches, using no aluminum or Teflon utensils in the process.


Hall’s Kitchen products are not only a karma-boosting addition to your fridge, they’re ridiculously tasty too boot. The Rockin Morrocan Stew is hearty, spicy and sweet, and chock full of sweet potatoes, tomatoes, chickpeas, peanuts and currants. It’s a stick-to-your-ribs feast. The Bangkok curry, coconut and lime soup has a great texture, with a hint of green curry and tart lime and a ton of hearty veggies. Curry lovers won’t know what hit ‘em…


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Mussels in the Hall



By Bon Eats


Soup is probably the ultimate comfort food. When you’re sick, your mom makes you soup. When it’s winter, you make soup. When you’re too tired or lazy to cook and need some quick sustenance, you heat up soup.


I often like to make a big pot of soup on a Sunday afternoon so that my lunch is set for the rest of the week. Goodness knows when was the last time I had soup from a can—that lovely thick, gelatinous stuff (nothing like watching Chef Lynn Crawford a few weeks ago on her new show, Pitchin’ In, jiggling an uncanned cream of mushroom soup on her hand) that’s laden with sodium, preservatives and artificial flavours.


But not everyone has the luxury of homemade soup. Time is too precious in a world where we often find ourselves on the go, without a minute to spare. So it’s nice when we have an alternative to homemade soups that taste just like..well, homemade.


In comes Hall’s Kitchen…

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Yummy in My Vegan Tummy



By Sylvie, Food Writer


I’m always amazed at what fun things find their way into my life. Big realizations, happy thoughts, awesome people and sometimes, even yummy soup just magically appear. Yes, even soup.


A few weeks back, I received an email asking if I would like to test out some vegan soups – Hall’s Kitchen soups to be exact. At first I thought “me?”, the girl with the blog about Cheerios? But after a minute, I could see why I was asked. I’ve become pretty picky about what I eat these days, and I was quick to go to the company’s website to check out the ingredient list before I agreed. To my amazement, they were all “real” ingredients. No unpronounceable words, no modified anything, no dairy, no wheat, no gluten, and in fact, a lot of the ingredients were actually organic! And as I have come to realize over these last few months, these are rare, rare qualities to find in a store bought food item. Game on!


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I ♥ HK


By Joanne Lusted, Chef and Food Writer


If someone told me that I had to wear one of those I ♥ Something T-shirts, mine would declare in big bold letters I ♥ Soup. Of course I have many other loves when it comes to food (sushi, cheese, and bread to name a few), but soup and I have a totally different relationship.


Soup is that perfect comfort food that I turn to on a chilly winter night. Soup and I can travel around the world at anytime – think Vietnamese Pho, Korean Tofu Soup, Dominican Sancocho, or French Bouillabaisse. Soup is also my best friend when I want something healthy and filling in a flash.



Interview with Hall’s Kitchen Executive Chef


Chef Katherine Hall on Her Line of Vegetarian Soups


By Mary Luz Mejia, Food Writer+Communications Professional+Producer (TV and Food Events)


When it’s warmth and comfort we seek, few things nurture and warm like a good bowl of soup! This is one of the reasons why Executive Chef Katherine Hall started Hall’s Kitchen- a company devoted to making good soups, stews and side dishes- all of which are vegetarian (vegan, dairy and gluten free in fact). No fillers, no extenders, no preservatives- just slow simmered vegetable stocks and a variety of soups- from Bangkok Curry Coconut and Lime Soup (which doubles as a great broth for poaching mussels), to a Rockin’ Moroccan Stew, there’s something for every palate when what you seek is a no-fuss, no-muss delicious meal.




Hall’s Kitchen Soup



by Diana Mancuso, Toronto Teacher, Mom & Food Blogger


If there’s one thing I have learned since I married my husband, it would be how important it is to be weary of what I put in my mouth. I was never much of a vegetable lover and could hardly resist sweet foods (nor can I even till this day!) Yet, I started to appreciate reading ingredient labels on the products I bought and questioning the amount of sugars, salts and fats as well as the presence of preservatives and other artificial additives when I was in university and participated more in grocery shopping. It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties that I enjoyed my first ever bowl of Caesar salad! It took a creamy, parmesany salad at Red Lobster to re-evaluate my distaste for anything green but I don’t regret it. Now, I buy organic salads, my favourite leaf being spinach. Yes. I said spinach. Had you asked me to try spinach back in the day when Popeye was still on the air, I would have let out a hearty pirate laugh. Now, a simple spinach salad topped with a mixture of oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and maybe some mustard, along with goat cheese and pepitas… it’s just so mmm, mmm, good!


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Hall’s Kitchen Soups


By Mardi Michels on March 10, 2010


Ah soup. I could live on soup and sandwiches in the winter. When I am organised, I make my own – a big batch of whatever on Sunday and bring it in to work for the rest of the week for my lunches. Sometimes I don’t have time though and it’s a real challenge to find something that fits my list of requirements:


1. Must not contain 40% of my sodium intake for the day in one cup;

2. Must contain a healthy amount of fibre;

3. Must not contain excessive amounts of sugar;

4. Must TASTE GREAT; and

5. May be able to be used at a pinch for a dinner party since it appears to be homemade


Sound like Mission Impossible? Uh huh.


Hence why I was overjoyed last week when Mary Luz Meija contacted me to ask if I would be interested in receiving some samples of Hall’s Kitchen soups. Since I am happy to review products that I would be purchasing myself anyway, I went over to their website to see what they were all about, having not heard of them before.


You can imagine my excitement when I read their mission statement:


At Hall’s Kitchen we believe in healthy, handcrafted vegetarian foods that are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients of the highest quality and prepared without the use of chemicals, preservatives or additives. All of our soups, stews and side dishes are vegetarian, genetically modified organism (GMO) free and trans fat free. All of our soups and stews are also vegan and are made without gluten, dairy, or yeast.


They are an environmentally-conscious, local company using local ingredients making what sound like fab products… I was in!


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