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“Your soup can summed up as….WOW! I love your soup, just bought my first bottle at Planet Organic in Halifax, going back on the weekend to buy one of every other type (just had Jumpin Jakarta). What a pleasure to find such a delicious vegan/gluten and dairy free soup!!!

Thanks for bringing this to the WORLD!!”


Bill Murphy, CA


WagePoint Payment Services Inc.



“I don’t have high hopes for jarred soup. I can usually make a better split pea for instance. BUT, your Jumpin’ Jakarta Soup! Wowza. I think it chased my cold away, it’s beautifully balanced, full of ginger, spice, stewed veggies, a real surprise. I will be stocking it a lot this winter, and look forward to trying the others. You guys are good!”


Andrea Astor



“Just wanted to tell you how much I love this [Rockin’ Moroccan] stew. If it were the only thing I ever ate again for the rest of my life I’d be a happy woman. Okay, maybe with some toast and peanut butter. Please continue making it for the next 50 years. Thanks!”


Alison S.



“We are soup lovers and rarely does one come across a prepared soup that is nutritious, delicious and that we all love. Since then we have had many a jar of your soups and have brought them to friends’ who have in turn also loved them. Thank you!”


Deborah D.



“My husband added sautéed mushrooms to your lemon cream sauce and it tasted just like my grandmother used to make. Wow!”


Kyla Eaglesham

Owner, Madeleine’s Cherry Pie and Ice Cream



“Your sauces are fantastic!!!!! My favorite is the lemon cream, I actually ate some with a spoon just by itself the other day because I have a wee bit left in the fridge. They are great, the kids love them too which is fantastic.”


Cathy Mount

Owner, 4 Cats Art Studio



“The Bangkok soup was absolutely fab! We inhaled it!”


Violet Budhu




“The Black Bean soup totally rocks!! Just the right amount of spice.”


Melanie Christou

Project Manager



“Working upstairs from Hall’s Kitchen is a wonderful torment. The only relief from the delicious smells coming from the kitchen is, of course, to eat their amazing soup.”


Tom B.



“I just couldn’t stop – I ate the whole jar!” (Bangkok Coconut, Curry & Lime)


Kelly R.



“I cannot describe to you how absolutely fabulous the sweet potato soup was, every single spoonful was amazing. The flavour was superb, just really really good! You have done a wonderful job!”


Diana Feregotto

CFO, Confederation Freezers



“Just wanted to send a quick note letting you know how much I enjoyed this stew. [Rockin’ Moroccan Stew] I’ve been looking for more vegetarian options and this one was perfect. It was hearty and full of flavour, slightly sweet with a little bit of spice. Can’t wait to try more.”


Jennifer C.